Guud Grief release These Kids Just Wanna Be Famous

Bursting onto the music landscape with a mission, purpose, and a vision rooted in the “rugged rhythms of community”, is Guud Grief, a highly strung and dynamic new band from Dublin.

Described as “a band with a message”, they are set to release their latest single, “These Kids Just Wanna Be Famous.” This marks the third release from the Irish blues punk outfit, showcasing a profound political and spiritual depth that distinguishes them in the modern music landscape.

Fronted by Collective Films director Mark Logan, who also plays a pivotal role in the new Irish label Audio Department Records, Guud Grief first captured attention with their 2022 debut single, “Lay In The River.” This track, characterised by its raggle-taggle dusty soul blues vibe, evolved from a campfire jam into a powerful full-band crescendo, setting the stage for the band’s unique sound.

Since their debut, the band has been refining their sound through festival performances across their homeland, and their music resonates deeply with the complexities of contemporary society, a reflection vividly portrayed in their latest single and video.

“These Kids Just Wanna Be Famous” is a poignant anthem that mirrors our times. With Logan’s evocative vocals and commanding presence, the track oscillates between poetry and song, set against a festival-like video backdrop that encapsulates the exhilarating and liberating experience of live music.

This release is a true reminder of the sacred nature of music, standing as a counterpoint to what the band describes as today’s “regurgitating algorithmic pantomime.”

Guud Grief draws inspiration from nature, the poetic works of Rumi, and musical legends such as Nick Cave, Nina Simone, and Leonard Cohen.

Their latest track seamlessly blends genres, from blues to punk and rock ‘n’ roll, creating a unique soundscape that is both empowering and mesmerising. This fusion is emblematic of the band’s message of authenticity and the urgent need for genuine artistic expression in these turbulent times.

“Music is a sacred force, and we want our songs to strip away the masks of superficiality,” says frontman Mark Logan.

Guud Grief is poised to be the next breakout act from Ireland, with their distinct blend of genres and profound lyrical content, with “These Kids Just Wanna Be Famous” standing as a testament to their vision and the timeless relevance of their message